Kathryn is a singer based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Classical music is in her pedigree -- growing up in a musical family instilled a love for singing from an early age and paved the way for a successful four years of solo and ensemble music training and performance at Saint Agnes High School.


Kathryn stretched herself musically in her early 20’s, singing in commercials and movie soundtracks and performing regularly alongside acclaimed artists Prince, Billy Graham, Mint Condition, and a great many more. (Ask her about that time she opened for Al Green at the State Theater.)


Returning to her classical roots in 2007, Kathryn embarked on formal vocal training to refine her Soprano voice and performed in the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Chorale for several seasons. It was during this time that she delved more deeply into vocal performance for funerals, weddings, and weekly mass cantoring. To this day, these remain the pillars of her professional singing.


Since 2003, Kathryn has had the honor to cantor and sing as a guest soloist at thousands of ceremonies and masses, spanning the globe.


Music has the power to stir our hearts and bring one deeper into the moment. Thoughtful music choices, unique to every ceremony, are a critical component of the experience, and Kathryn loves the opportunity to collaborate in this process.


Funeral music selections can be contemplative and traditional or upbeat and joyful – how would your loved one want their final ceremony to sound?


Wedding music selections can be modern and fun or classic and moving – it’s your big day, select the sounds that best suit your partnership.


"Kat is a pleasure to work with. She has an amazing voice that can embrace any genre with flair. Easy to work with, fun, upbeat, silly, but very focused on the prize, which is (always) a bullseye delivery of her talent." 

Micheal L, Musician

"Kat is the complete professional! Has an amazing voice, always prepared, on time, organized, creative, open minded, and she enjoys what she does so well."

Steven C, Pianist

"The music at our daughters wedding was beautiful. She sang songs that were meaningful to them and brought the rest of us with her. You may find others less expensive but the mood set was worth every cent and more. Beyond happy!!"

Annette K.

"Kathryn provided a beautiful voice that greatly enhanced our celebration. She was willing to be flexible with our particularly specific requests. Her ability sing classical and contemporary music is superb, and I would highly suggest her to any friend or family member!"

Benjamin B.